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The Top 20 Tips on Being the Best: 20 years of experience in 500 words!

I have been lucky to be involved in high performance sport for the best part of 20 years. I have been very very fortunate to work with Olympic Gold Medalists, World Champions, World Record Holders, Premiership Title Winners, World Cup Winners…champion athletes, teams and coaches in many different sports and in several different countries. Quite often, when I […]

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The Biggest Question in Coaching: How do I get this generation of athletes to work hard?

I hear it all over the world. In every sport. In every club. Coaches asking, “How do I get this generation of athletes to work hard”” Here’s how. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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High Performance Sports Systems – The Non System System.

green apples on a pyramid shape – be different from Crestock Creative Images So Great Britain has an outstanding high performance sports system. Australia had one a few years ago…and they hope to have it again. The “Eastern Block” had some brilliant high performance sports systems – systems which influenced the development of high performance […]

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Coaching without Periodisation – Part Two

  In part one of this post we discussed the possibility of Coaching Without Periodisation. In part two we will look at an alternate way of working with athletes and helping each individual you coach to realise their full potential and achieve their training and performance goals. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Positive Drug Tests in Sport: 6 Types of Drug Cheats and How to Recognise them.

Positive Drug Tests in sport. What sort of idiot trains hard for months or even years then: Takes performance enhancing or social drugs before, during or after competition? Takes performance enhancing or social drugs at any time? That’s just it: they are idiots. Well most of them are anyway. Some are misguided. Some are lazy. Some just […]

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Altitude Training – a breath of fresh air…….NOT!

Message to the Sports Science community – are you kidding? Altitude training? I thought the old approach to altitude training was done and dusted but to my amazement, nations continue to invest in one of the most questionable sports performance ”enhancement” methodologies in the business. You can’t be serious! Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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CoachTED: A Client Focused Approach to Coach Training, Education and Development.

Coach education, as we know it, has failed. There is a shortage of quality coaches in all sports and in every nation. Yet, at the same time, governments and sporting organisations are throwing piles of money at sport participation programs in an effort to battle some of society’s biggest problems, i.e. obesity and the health problems associated with inactivity. The key to success is to gain, train and retain quality coaches: coaches who know and understand the needs of their “clients” (i.e. athletes and their families) and who as the “front-line” of sport are equipped to deliver a “client focussed approach” to sports participation and performance.

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New Sport:Old Sport. The Decade of Client Focused Sport is Here.

As the new decade starts, it is time to face the realities of the sports experience around the world. The last decade, saw the most significant changes in society, in learning, in education, in technology and in social change that the world has experienced.  And, in general, sport has not kept pace with the extent or speed […]

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Drugs, Alcohol and Elite sport: a real life approach

Every time a professional player or elite athlete tests positive to drugs or is caught abusing alcohol, you can guarantee three things will happen: Newspapers and other media will over react and claim an isolated incident is evidence of an inherent drug and alcohol abuse culture in the club or sport (or all of sport); The club […]

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